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Some Of Our Recent Projects








        Lost Memories (Short Film)


Directed by Eamonn Murphy

Written by Emmet Kelly & Eamonn Murphy

Produced by Quentin Ahern of Army Of Id

Eamonn Murphy of Burning House Productions

Emmet Kelly of Burning House Productions

Sean races against the clock to his mother's deathbed whilst dealing

with inter-family politics over the phone

WINNER - Directors Choice at The Boston Irish Film Festival.

WINNER - Best Actor at The Eindhoven Film Festival 

WINNER - The Newport Beach Film Festival Award at The Richard Harris Film Festival.

WINNER - Best Actor in a Male Role at The Richard Harris Film Festival.

WINNER - The Audience Award at The Discover Film Awards, London.

WINNER - Best Director at The Discover Film Awards, London.

WINNER - Best Score at the Feel The Reel Film Festival, Edinburgh.

NOMINATION - Best Director at World Milan Cinema
NOMINATION - Best Actor at World Milan Cinema
NOMINATION - Best Supporting Actor (John Kavanagh) at World Cinema Milan
NOMINATION - Young Talent Award at the New Renaissance Film Festival, London.
NOMINATION - Best Actor at the Eindhoven Film Festival, The Netherlands.

Lost Memories has screen in festivals around Ireland, The UK Europe and North America  





The Current (Short Film)


Directed by Eamonn Murphy

Written by Eamonn Murphy & Emmet Kelly

Starring: Emmet Kelly & Einne OConnachtain


Two men realise their lives are heading in

different directions and must

come to terms with their

unannounced feelings for each other.


The Current is currently enroute to festivals worldwide.

Festivals The Current has been selected to screen at 

to date include:


 - The Belfast Film Festival 2016

 - The Equality Festial Kiev 2016

 - The Oddalenia Film Festival 2016

 - The Industry Boost 2016

 - The Richard Harris International

 Film Festival 2015

 - The Sky Road Film Festival 2015

 - The Dublin International Short

 - Film and Music Festiival 2015

  The Underground Film Festival 2015 


A Very Irish Family (TV Pilot)


Directed By Emmet Kelly

Written By Rob Gill & Noel GilL

Produced By Rob Gill Aonach Production

Emmet Kelly Burning House Productions

Zeb Moore Emerald Giant Productions 

A Very Irish Family, a WW1 based short pilot written/created by Declan and Rob Gill and directed by Emmet Kelly. This pilot for a TV series in development introduces the well-to-do and politically influential Gleeson family of Tipperary (based on a real-life family and real events) as the tumultuous events of the early 20th Century threaten to tear the family apart.

A Very Irish Family is a co-production between Aonach Productions and Burning House Productions and was shot on locations in Co. Limerick, Limerick City, and Co. Cavan. Executive Producers Declan and Rob Gill of Aonach Productions intend to premiere the drama – set in Tipperary,

Flanders and the US – in Limerick this autumn while continuing to develop and pitch the TV series.

The Space Between Us (Short Film) Post Production


Written By: Emmet Kelly

Directed By: Elaine Kennedy

Produced By: Elynia Betts

Starring: Emmet Kelly, Elaine Kennedy, Jed Murray

The Space Between Us is a family based drama between three estranged siblings who are forced to reconnect when a tragedy occurs in their family. The short film is being produced by Elynia Betts (Maeve And The Moon, Game Of Thrones, Homeland, ) and will film in Dublin city in early June. "The Space Between Us" is a joint production between Burning House Productions and Dingle Film House.

Emmet Kelly (Lost Memories, Fair City), Elaine Kennedy (Secret Scripture, Micheal Inside) and Jed Murray (Vikings, Game Of Thrones) will play the lead characters in the family drama written by Emmet Kelly which begins production in early June.

The Quiet Revolution (Short Film)

Written By: Emmet Kelly & Eoin Mcgovern

Directed By: Eoin Mcgovern

Produced By: Emmet Kelly & Eoin Mcgovern

Starring: Emmet Kelly & Laura Ann Brady

On the night of a life changing referendum for millions of Irish people a young couple in the back of a taxi experience the moment the exit polls are announced on the radio. 


Elaine Kennedy.jpg
Emmet Kelly..JPG
Jed_Murray_039 10x8 col.jpg

Currently In Pre Production

Her Name Was Rosie (Short Film)

Written By: Eoin Mcgovern & Emmet Kelly

Directed By: Eoin Mcgovern

Starring: Emmet Kelly & Amy Potter


Lost Memories (Feature Film)

Lost Memories the award winning film is being adapted into

a feature film.


The Secret Life Of Jim 

Written By: Emmet Kelly

Directed By Emmet Kelly

Starring: TBC

Plot not given. 

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